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Hey, we're Zach and Kelsey! Thanks for checking out our site. We know there are about 57380419 other travel blogs on the world wide web, but we decided to throw ours in the mix because our friends often make requests for itineraries and tips on certain adventures that we've had. We figured we'd save some time and share them with everyone!


We live in Salt Lake City with our two girls, Genève (Gigi) (2), and Vera (1). Kelsey is from Draper, Utah, and Zach is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We met at Brigham Young University and lived in Midway, Utah for two years, San Francisco for two years, and now in Salt Lake City. Our travel style tends to include lots of hiking, eating, culture, and as creative of adventures as we can muster. When we plan a trip, we try as best we can to think outside the box when coming up with adventures in new cultures because we find that those tend to be the most rewarding, memory-making experiences for us.


If you'd like us to discuss a certain topic, country, or question, just email kelsey.kacher@gmail.com and we'll do our best to make your trip planning easier!

Kelsey and Zach live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with their two girls, Genève (Gigi) and Vera. They like hanging with family and friends and enjoy developing new hobbies like beekeeping, woodworking, gardening, and baking the best chocolate chip cookies.

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